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Being green is more than just a buzzword.

Ray’s Trash Service is about protecting the environment while helping you. As one of the largest recyclers in the State of Indiana, we recycle and pay for office paper, cardboard, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We also recycle pallets, plastics, and many other materials.

To achieve our success in recycling, we strive for excellence in technology, logistics, and service. Our three recycling facilities feature the best equipment to remove the maximum amount of useful materials from the waste stream with the greatest efficiency. Ray’s Trash Service also negotiates with mills across the country to get you the best rates possible for your recyclables.

Our network of vehicles and facilities allows us to transport and process recyclables in a way that is both energy-efficient and cost-effective. We pass the savings on to you, the customer, and help the environment by using less fuel and producing less CO2.

Excellent service, however, is the main reason our customers choose Ray’s Trash Service as their recycling partner. First, we consult with you to understand your recycling needs completely. Then we provide the equipment you need—anything from a small 18 gallon tub to a commercial compactor—to handle your recyclables. Finally, we remove your recyclables in a timely fashion.

After we build a recycling partnership together, we’ll follow up periodically to better respond to your changing needs. Why not get started today? Please call your Ray’s Trash Service representative or our main office. Or contact us online.


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