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Document Destruction


Ray’s Trash Service Provides NAID Certified, on-site shredding service. That means our truck comes to your facility and cross-cut shreds the material inside the truck. Before the driver leaves, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your records. The shredded remains are brought to our facility to be baled and shipped to a paper mill for recycling.


NAID Certification and on-site shredding ensure the highest level of security. Since we are Certified, rather than just a member, you can have peace of mind knowing that a third party audits us on a regular basis, as well as extra unannounced audits, to make sure we are providing the level of service you require. Here are just a few things the audit checks for:


By only providing on-site shredding, your material is not subjected to the inferior security of off-site shredding. Picture an on-site shred truck (where the material was cross cut shredded at your facility) and an off-site truck (where the material is merely placed inside the truck in whole form to be shredded some other day). Both trucks are driving down the road and have an accident where the rear of the truck is breeched. Which truck do you want your material in? By having your material shredded on-site you have limited your liability should something happen after it leaves your facility.



Paper clips,  rubber bands, and staples are okay. If you have more than a few disks, we ask that you segregate them into another bin, box, or bag so the paper does not become contaminated.