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Does Ray’s accept e-waste?

Yes, e-waste or electronic waste may be scheduled for a separate collection from your regular trash. Fees apply.

How much are event boxes? Do you deliver them or do I need to pick them up at a Ray’s facility?

Event boxes are available at a cost of $6 each plus tax. We do not provide the liners. If a liner is desired we have found that the large 55 gallon liners work best. The boxes can be easily reused so we recommend unfolding them and storing them until your next event. Event boxes can only be picked up from the following convenient Ray’s locations: 334 Recycle, Ray’s Recycle and Ray’s Indianapolis Recycling.

Why are paper towels and napkins not recyclable?

Paper towels and napkins are not recyclable with traditional materials because the fiber length is too short, they are often contaminated with food or personal care products. They can be composted in some cases where the quantity warrants collection.

Can I recycle my pizza box? Is a little food soiled material ok?

Food soiled materials are always a challenge because the food material represents chemistry that may affect the recycle process. A little grease in the pizza box is ok. CLEAN PIZZA BOXES ARE RECYCLEABLE as long as they do not contain leftovers, food waste or other non-paper items such as dipping sauce containers, peppers or leftover pizza crust. Most pizza boxes have an inner sheet that can be tossed out with the food scraps and the mostly clean box can be easily recycled. This is true of most food containers too. If there is excessive residual product left in the container, dispose of it in the trash.

Are wax or poly coated papers recyclable?

Wax coated paper is not very common anymore but poly coated paper is becoming very popular. This is very similar to the ream wrapper answer above. The wax or poly (or anything else) creates a barrier that prevents the absorption process at the recycle paper mill. GLOSSY paper is recyclable! Wax or Poly coated are Not to be confused with slick or glossy coated papers that are very recyclable.

Are other glass items like mirrors, window glass, cookware, light bulbs recyclable?

Unfortunately all glass is not created equal. The same qualities that makes some glass good for cooking and lighting is what prevents it from inclusion in a standard program. the heated resistant characteristics prevents the glass from re-melting at the same temperature as bottle glass. Imagine if you were melting glass for recycling and not all of the glass melted. The task of recovering the molten glass becomes impossible. Dissimilar characteristics in windows and mirrors prevent the same challenge when mixed with food and beverage bottle glass. Many of us first encountered this in High School Chemistry. Lab glass presents the same heat resistant quality. These other types of Glass are often recyclable but cannot be mixed with regular bottle glass.

Can I recycle the ream wrapper that the copier paper is packaged in?

Generally not. The reason is that these wrappers are treated with a moisture resistant coating to protect the copier paper from getting wet during transport or storage. Even humidity can affect the paper so these wrappers serve an important function. The recycle challenge is created because the moisture barrier on the wrapper prevents water absorption at the recycle paper mill so it can be re-pulped into new paper. The short answer, if it’s been waterproofed then it will not breakdown in water.

What happens to the e-waste after Ray’s collects it?

E-Waste is processed or disassembled into basic components that can be recycled. Any remaining hazardous materials are disposed of responsibly.

Is there any e-waste that Ray’s does not accept?

Ray’s does not accept the very large furniture style TV’s that were often called console units. We don’t see many of these anymore but these contain too much non-recoverable material. Also not acceptable are units containing batteries due to the potential hazard of the battery, all batteries must be removed prior to recycling.

Why is e-waste restricted from going to the landfill?

The Indiana regulation affecting electronic waste (e-waste) went into effect as of January 1st, 2011, prohibiting Indiana households, public schools and small businesses from disposing of e-waste with their regular trash.