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Why does Ray’s charge a fuel surcharge?

Ray’s bases our fuel surcharge (FSC) on the Department of Energy Index for the Midwest. Ray’s was very slow to implement a FSC when diesel prices rose and managed to avoid a FSC until 2010. The FSC that has been implemented does NOT cover the entire cost of fuel. This small portion only allows Ray’s to continue offering our customers the most competitive pricing possible without compromising service. Ray’s continues to monitor the ever fluctuating fuel prices and adjust as needed.

What size is my paper shredded into?

Paper is shredded into strips 5/8 of an inch or less by 2 inches or less in length. A little smaller than your little finger.

Can material have paper clips or binder clips?

Discarded paper can have the normal amount of paper clips and staples. These are generally recovered at the paper mill.

Are hanging files acceptable?

Hanging folders and binder clips must be removed. Staples and paperclips are acceptable.

Is colored paper acceptable?

Colored paper is acceptable especially the lighter bleachable colors like Post It notes and NCR forms.

How much material will fit into a shred console?

On average around 70 to 100 pounds will fit into a console.

Does Ray’s shred blueprints?


Can I bring my material to Ray’s to be shredded?

No, our shredding trucks are mobile which means we come to you. This ensures your material is handled with the utmost security and efficiency.