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Environmental Responsibility

While others in our industry are changing their colors, we’re sticking with orange. The green of environmental responsibility can’t simply be applied like paint. Rather, it’s an ideal to pursue and a reputation to earn, in every service we perform and choice we make as a company.

MallardsWe help protect the environment both by minimizing the impact of our overall operations and by providing services like recycling that directly reduce waste.

In our operations, we pursue energy savings through excellence in logistics and through modern, efficient waste handling and recycling technologies. Doing so also generates cost savings that we pass on directly to our customers.

ForestAnd as one of Central Indiana’s largest recyclers, we make sure that valuable paper, cardboard, metals, and other materials are kept out of landfills and put to productive use. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to recycle low-grade paper and other materials that only recently were impossible to recover.

As natural resources increase in price and landfill space dwindles, Ray’s Trash remains committed both to preserving the Hoosier environment and serving Central Indiana with efficient, cost-effective, and responsible waste removal and recycling solutions.