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The instantly recognizable Ray’s Trash fleet is comprised of several different types of trucks supported by a variety of other vehicles. Our team uses these to accomplish the day to day collection, processing, and recycling of residential and commercial trash. After our people, nothing works harder to serve you. No matter how dirty they get, we love our trucks.

Here is a selection of the main Ray’s Trash vehicles you see on the road today.

Rear-Load Trucks

Rear-Load TruckReceives, compacts, and transports residential (as well as some commercial) trash at the rear. Easily spotted in the wild.

Front-Load Trucks

Front-Load TruckLifts large (mostly commercial and industrial) containers at the front, dumping their contents into the top for compaction.

Side-Load Trucks

Primarily used for the collection of residential waste and recyclable materials. Features the iconic robotic arm on the side of the truck.

Roll-Off Trucks

Roll-Off Truck IndustrialHandles the transportation and delivery of all roll-off containers and industrial compactors.

Document Destruction

Document Destruction TruckOnsite document destruction vehicle. Designed to accommodate and transport shredded waste.