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Ray’s Trash facilities support excellence in logistics and service.

Main Office

Main OfficeThis office serves as the hub for many of Ray’s services. We answer all calls here. The calls are disseminated to the respectful department to be handled with efficiency. This facility also supports the atrium of sales and marketing for Ray’s. Our accounting department handles accounts receivables as well as payables. All recycling reporting goes through this office as well. Many trucks are housed and dispatched from here. Most administrative tasks are carried out at this location. Please contact us at this location for information regarding any services Ray’s has to offer.

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3859 East US Highway 40, PO BOX I
Clayton, Indiana, 46118
317-539-5962 (fax)

Ray’s Resource Recovery and Transfer

This facility processes and sorts residential curbside recyclable materials, as well as transfers trash to the landfill to reduce transportation costs. This facility is open to the public and accepts trash and large items. For more information, please contact us.

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3830 East US Highway 40
Clayton, IN 46118

334 Recycle and Transfer Facility

334 Transfer FacilityThis facility mainly recycles construction debris. Loads are dumped inside and aggregates, metals, and cardboard are removed for processing. 334 is mainly a transfer facility. The material is transferred from our trucks to large semis to be transferred to mills across the state to actually alter the material into another commodity. We also transfer trash from this facility to the landfill to decrease transportation costs. If your company purchases recyclables and you would like to know more about our commodities, please contact us.

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6251 Indianapolis Road
Whitestown, IN 46075
317-769-2025 (fax)

White River Transfer and Recycling Facility

White River Transfer and Recycling FacilityThe specialized screening and air handling equipment of this facility allows residential, commercial, and industrial customers to combine cardboard, office paper, newspaper, magazines, and other types of paper not previously accepted into a single, efficient recycling program. If your company purchases recyclables and you would like to know more about our commodities, please contact us.

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200 Harding Street
Indianapolis, IN 46222
317-636-2028 (fax)

Ray’s Indianapolis Recycling Facility

Recycling PlantSince opening in 2015, Ray’s Indianapolis Recycling (RIR) has made it our mission to make recycling a more achievable goal for customers desiring disposal avoidance. The unique arrangement of processing equipment from multiple vendors allows mixed recyclables to be collected from various generators. From residential units to sites seeking LEED certification, customers can mix materials and let the material recycling facility do the work.

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2025 Stout Field West Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46241