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Ray’s Trash Service now accepts cartons in our recycling programs

Yes! Cartons are Recyclable in Ray’s Single Stream Recycling Program!

Residents and businesses participating in Ray’s Single Stream Recycling program are now able to recycle cartons.
This new addition to our program will help to divert more materials from the landfill and conserve resources.

What are cartons?

Cartons are the packaging for many products you can find at the store including milk, juice, cream, egg substitutes, soy
milk, soup, broth, and wine. They come in two different types – shelf stable and refrigerated cartons.

How do I recycle cartons?

Remove caps/lids and straws and place empty, rinsed cartons in your recycling container. If you do not have a recycling container and would like to start recycling with Ray’s call (317) 539-2024 or Contact Us on how to get started today.

What happens to the cartons I recycle?

As with all recyclables, they are first taken to our local material recycling facility to be sorted and baled. The bales of cartons are then placed on a truck and transported to a paper mill. Here, fiber in the cartons is converted into pulp, which in turn is made into recycled paper products and building materials.

Why should I recycle cartons?

Cartons are made from high quality paper, making it a valuable recyclable commodity. This makes cartons a very desirable material for companies that use it to make new products.

Don’t delay, start recycling your cartons today!